our kidz

Since the idea to support children in Zanzibar through private school education was only born in December 2017 and the association was founded in January we so far support only one kid.

Our first child to go to school is Dalila, here on the picture below together with her cousin Aslam on her first day of school. We team up with other children from Kizimkazi for the ride and are planning the number of supported children for the second term in 2018.

We are happy that our first kid is actually a girl, since they are often left behind in Zanzibar. Dalila comes from a simple home, her father being a Dalladalla (local transport) driver could never afford private education for his kids. He is very proud that his daughter has the chance to go to this school.

We only want to commit for the education of a child when we can at least guarantee a full year of support. Therefor every single donation counts.

If you want to support us, please send us an email to discuss the further options.