We work together with the South East Coast International School in Jambiani.

We organize the school fee and the transport to and from school and act as mentors to children and parents. With the South East Coast International School we found a partner who is working as a NonProfit Organization and has already all the necessary education structures and permits in place.

They offer a combination of local and international teachers, following the English curriculum. Education is done in English in small classes.

This is how the school presents itself in their own words:

„South East Coast International school was founded on the southeast coast of the island of Zanzibar and offers nursery, preschool and primary studies. We offer the highest quality international education and support education for the local community. We are a small non-for-profit school with a great mix of pupils from a range of countries from Europe, Africa and the North America. We support the local community through sponsorship programs allowing local children to receive international education. We strive to connect the local and expatriate community for mutual benefit and create an environment of academic achievement, empathy, tolerance and love for learning.“

We work together directly with director Jen Pro and are great-full to have such a partner at our side. If you are interested we can for sure arrange a meeting for you.

You can find further information at: