Educate the children!

We believe: if you want to have an impact on the future, you need to educate children.

Kids are the weakest part of the society and very often they are just hold down to keep existing power structure in place.

Zanzibar has a very male dominated society that keeps women and children uneducated which is a major struggle for a sustainable development. A major factor leading to this structure is that men mainly because of their gender hold most of the power in their hands. Any further improvement in the education of women and girls would weaken their status and influence in society and therefore will not happen.

You can argue that it shall not be upon us to judge other societies and influence them according to our own beliefs. What happened and happens in Zanzibar though is an enormous influence by tourism and tourist money which is disrupting the social structures of the island and the weaker parts of the population are suffering most.

Our aim is to educate children and support 50% boys and 50% girls through private education. We want to empower and enable them to make their own decisions and live a sustainable life on Zanzibar .

We will start in a small village in the south of Unguja, Kizimkazi, where our Caveman Lodge is.

And hope to make a lasting change for the better.

You can be part of this.

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