The idea to support children in Zanzibar was born in December 2017 when we heard of a friend and neighbour in Kizimkazi, that her daughter started preschool about 30 min drive away from Kizimkazi in Jambiani.

We realized that although a 30min drive twice a day seems to be a lot for a 4 year old child the school offers the best education in Southern Zanzibar.

Education in primary schools in Kizimkazi and Makunduchi is very rudimentary and basically based on repeating the heard, without explanation or understanding of the topic. Often teachers are missing and there is a huge lack of material.

Education is the most important asset in a country that has nothing to export accept its beauty. If you want to have any kind of decent job in the future in Zanzibar, you will either have to work for the government or in tourism.

There are almost no blue collar jobs at all on the island. Some local fishing is done, some local farming, some woodcutting and some merchants. There is no industry in Zanzibar accept for the last remaining spice farms. Tourism brought foreign money over the last 50 years and brought a lot of problems, tearing up the ancient social structures in the villages and families.

The challenge about government or tourism is, that most people are just not educated enough or barely enough, so that they end up being exploited.


We want to change that and give the young generation the chance to be the creator of their own fade. Educated they will be able to get a job that will provide for them and their families. And last but not least they will have a positive impact on their communitiy and Zanzibar society for the better.

We, that is Florian Hornig & Judith Hillner are the founders of KIDZ. We guarantee, that your support will reach the children in Zanzibar.